Congratulations Sol Park!

Congratulations to Sol Park, who received the Korean Canadian Scholarship Foundation's 2019 Pan Asia Food Scholarship.

Sol Park is a Master's student in Psychiatry at McGill University. Her research explores how migration may influence parenting and child supervision norms and practices for South Korean immigrant families living in Toronto, with a special emphasis on adolescents' experiences of being home alone."

Part of our work at Woori Maum is to fill the evidence gap by working with and supporting mental health professionals who are research Korean Canadian mental health issues. We look forward to continue working with and supporting Sol Park along with other mental health professionals.

Woori Maum Communal Table Part 3

LooseLeaf, January 24, 2019

Woori Communal Table Session III: Where Are We Going Now?

The act of gathering to intentionally cook together is quite a beautiful idea. Many of us – diasporic children – have normalized spending dinner hours by ourselves. The kitchen is a space for one to reminisce our parents’ cooking as we take a spoonful of red pepper flakes and dice up onions for our favourite stews. For many of us living without our parents and guardians, Korean food-making has become a solitary task to read up on recipes and recall the cooking of our motherly figures.

— Mirae Lee, Woori Communal Table Session III: Where Are We Going Now?

나는 여러 사람들이 모여 함께 요리하고 식사를 하는 모습이 참 아름다운 것 같다. 여러 디아스포라 아이들은 혼자 저녁 식사 하는 것이 너무나도 당연한 일로 되어 버렸다. 양파를 잘게 썰고 고춧가루 한 숟가락을 떠서 찌개를 만드는 부엌은 엄마 혹은 할머니의 손맛을 그리워하게 만드는 곳이다. 부모와 떨어져 사는 우리들한테 한식을 만드는 것은 전에 먹어본 음식을 상상하고 요리하는 엄마들의 모습을 되돌아보는 과정이다.

— 이미래, 우리 커뮤널 테이블 III: 우리는 어디로 가고 있는가?

Woori Maum Communal Kitchen Table Part 2


LooseLeaf, April 8, 2018

Woori Communal Table Session II: Where Are We Now?

I thought to myself in this moment how rare it was to be at an event that was accessible and relevant to both me and my parents simultaneously. Although they weren’t present, I knew they could be…
– Elise Yoon, Reflections on Woori Communal Table Session 1: Where Are We from?

나는 부모님과 함께 편하고 공감을 느낄 수 있는 장소가 얼마나 귀한지 이번 이벤트에서 느꼈다.
– 엘리스윤, 우리 커뮤널 테이블: 우리는 어디에서 왔는가? 에 대해서

'우리마음’, 토론토 한인들의 정신건강 지킴이


MinPlus, December 28, 2017

‘우리마음’은 언제 조직되었고, 활동을 시작하게 된 계기는 무엇인가? 어떤 사람들이 멤버로 활동하고 있으며, 몇 명 정도가 활동하고 있나? 특정한 대상을 두고 활동하는가? 최근 활동 현황은?

우리마음에 관해서 더 아시고 싶으시면 민플러쓰에서 인터뷰 기사를  읽어 주세요.

Woori Maum Communal Kitchen Table Part 1 


Loose Leaf Magazine, November 12, 2017 

Eating together as a way of building community in the Korean Canadian diaspora
Reflections on Woori Maum Communal Table Session 1: Where are we from?

Woori Maum held their first Communal Kitchen Table event earlier in November to create an open environment for young, professional Korean Canadians to come together and discuss the significant role food plays in one's well-being. The evening was composed of various traditional Korean dishes provided by a group of panelists including Grace Park, Olive Suk, Jason Lee, and Grace Cho who shared with the audience their experiences with food. To learn more about the event, click the link below!